Costco Chocolate

Costco Chocolate

How to Fight High Food Costs, Part 1

With food costs increasing at an alarming rate, certain foods such as rice are already rationed in some parts of the country. There is no relief in sight as food inflation continues to increase at 4.5% per year.

This means that your eggs have already increased by 30% in the last year, and that milk, cheese, flour, bananas and even peanut butter will be more expensive to buy. Anything that adds to the rising gas prices, which is expected to double over the next four years.

Despite all that bad news, can you still be the extent to which control your food budget stretch?

Here are 21 simple ways you can start saving money today.

1. Learn the secret food codes

Pain societies have their own code for when the bread is cooked and delivered. Each company is different, but the code is generally alphabetical. Blue Monday-Tuesday - Green Thursday, Friday from red white to yellow on Saturday. Learn the codes and look to the back of the shelf to find fresh bread.

2. The majority of your cooking ahead of time

This saves time as well because you're more organized. Freeze foods and to highlight individual meals that your family needs them. You can also give them more variety and choice. If someone would rather have spaghetti instead of a saucepan For example, they can warm an individual serving. A freezer will more than pay for itself.

3. Exit the store soon possible

Buy only what you need and leave. The longer you stay, the more you will buy and the seller knows. Therefore your store layout in May not always make sense to you. They want you to stroll and the temptation to buy more than necessary. Have you ever if you really need that gallon of "Death by" Chocolate ice cream just because it's on sale. The dollar may rise further impetus fast.

4. Never shop when you're hungry

Always eat first before you go to the store. The hunger you the more you spend, and expenses will become out of control.

5. Always check the label dates

You may be surprised at how much difference in the freshness of food you find on a shelf. For example, fasteners salads can vary by several days. Again, look down from the shelf. There they will supply the latest. Make a habit of rummaging through. You will be richly rewarded for his efforts.

6. Go bulk

Join a warehouse club like Sam's Club (Wal-Mart) and Costco. If you do not want to pay for membership for yourself, go with a friend and shop together.

Purchase articles only stable as canned vegetables, coffee, rice, spaghetti sauce, mayonnaise. These will be the items you use most often and they are the foundation of your pantry. Stay away from the bakery and enjoy free food give-aways, though some people have been known to lunch from department to department.

7. The majority of your purchases in one trip

A Sam or Costco is perfect for a morning full of shopping. Get it done all at once. This helps you keep your inventory and budget, because it eliminates unnecessary trips to the grocery store. Tuesday is the absolute best day to go shopping if you want to avoid crowds and for care of individual sales personnel. I quickly discovered that this is true while working in retail.) One day shopping trip you will also help save gas, and you can even fill your tank at Sam's.

8. Do not buy packaged foods individually

Do Guy grated cheese or individually wrapped slices of cheese. They are more expensive. Grate your own cheese and stay away from the cute packaging convenient, especially for snack foods that appeal to children. Also avoid the vending machines at work. If you want a soda, Take yours. You can also buy them in bulk in a warehouse store.

9. Do not buy as many snacks

Fix your own, because this is where the food companies really come for the kill. Many snacks today are full of salt, sugar and fat. They are bad for you anyway, but by reducing them may help you reduce your medical bills later. Substitute muffins, fruit and biscuits house instead if you need snacks.

10.Eat less meat

Needless to say that meat can be very costly, especially if you buy meat with large bones. Stick to the meat lean and look for sales. Also, you can save by buying in bulk frozen chicken.

Dried beans or legumes may be substituted for meat and you can correct use delicious recipes your family will love.

11. Learn when your grocery store reveals the best offers

Each shop is different, but they all have the same problem of how to sell items days old bread and bakery. Also, ask ripened produce that will be cheaper. Make friends and staff to learn when it was first marked down and get at the head of the line.

Even if food inflation seems out of control there are several ways you can still stop up huge holes in your budget, eat well and keep more of your hard earned money.

About the Author

Alice Stevens writes about issues concerning the elderly and their caregivers for the blog Aging Parents Authority.

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